Guava's Benefits

Guava is a common tropical fruit cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. The pulp inside is sour and deep pink. This fruit can be used in many preparations, such as juices, candies, jams, and desserts.


Moreover, the Guava has a lot benefits that our costumers have to know:


One of the most important benefits is that it contains 21% vitamin A that helps brighten up your skin and maintains mucus membranes. This fruit also contains 20% folate that works well for pregnant women and prevents neural tube damage. 


Another benefit is that Guava has more potassium  than bananas and this helps to regulate high blood pressure.

In addition,it  is rich in vitamin C and can contain four times the content of vitamin C found in oranges. This Vitamin helps boost immunity levels that prepare your body to fight common infections and pathogens. 


The last benefit that we want to talk about is that Guava is proven to prevent you from getting a bad cold or any viral infection. The juice from raw guavas is very beneficial in curing cough and cold. 


In conclusion , Guava is consider a super fruit that improves the body´s health and helps to maintain a healthy life style.



Let's drink more Guava juice. 


Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy 

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