Home Office

Home office and corona virus 


Due to the current situation in the country and that cases continue to increase, some companies have opted for alternative options such as working from home. Here are four tips for effectively working from home:


1. Do not stay in pyjamas

Even if nobody sees you, take a shower and put nice clothes on. So the brain understands that it is time to work.


2. Drink our fruit pulps pads and eat vegetables

In those days stay healthy is one a priority, don't forget to ingest the vitamins and minerals that you body needs to stay strong. In addition, Many of our fruit pulps have properties and vitamins like C and A that help in the treatment of different diseases and strengthen our system.


3. Implement a work routine

Create a clean and quiet workspace, away from distractions. Plan the most important tasks and which of them you should give priority


4. Maintain contact with colleagues

Maintain a connection to the office by choosing to make calls rather than sending emails, and keep in contact with your department members via video conferencing. 


Moreover, don't forget to see the positive things about this, you can nap in your own bed, cook your yummy lunch and prepare your favorite drinks with our fruit pulps pads, listen music while you work.