Activities to entertain your children during the coronavirus outbreak


It is important to create a schedule that looks like a normal school day so that they follow a daily routine. These are some activities to entertain your children at home:


- Drawings and crafts. Drawing is one of the favorite activities of children. You can print drawings of their favorite Disney characters, animals or super heroes. It entertains our kids and helps them to be more active.


- Cooking with children. Children love cooking, even little ones. You can prepare interesting and easy recipes that you will find on our social media (Instagram and Facebook). In addition to having fun, keep learning the importance of nutrition to stay healthy.


- Help with household tasks. The little ones can simply pick up their room or clean the dust. For the older ones, you can reserve tasks such as washing dishes or hanging clothes. In this way, they will occupy their free time, while becoming aware of the importance of sharing domestic work.


- Keep Moving. Sedentary lifestyle should be avoided despite being at home. In addition to dancing, you can promote games like hide and seek to keep them active or improvise an aerobics class, for example.


- New readings. Surprise your child with a new book. You can find many options in the online stores of the main bookstores and without leaving home. It is a good option to improve their knowledge.


- Educational videos. You can search for educational videos on the topics they are working on at school, in this way they will learn in a different way than usual.


We hope these 6 tips would be helpful for you and your family .